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FYFY 12 Principles to Inner Peace Premium Handout Cards – Positive Affirmation Cards.


Our FYFY 12 Principles to Inner Peace Handout Cards present a collection of fundamental laws that help guide our lives and important decision-making processes, inspiring and giving proper direction to all of our actions. Made of premium materials with non-fading printing, arriving in one convenient size that’s easy to carry around, these positive affirmation cards lead the pathway towards more productive lives, centered around personal growth and self-care!


Key FYFY Handout Card Features:


Change Starts from Within: Creating healthy habits, improving relationships and interactions, a veritable life transformation is achieved through practicing and applying fundamental laws that become our everyday mantras. The FYFY 12 Principles to Inner Peace inspirational cards will set you on the way to success!


Inner Peace and Character Development: Our packs of individual encouragement cards serve as a perfect reminder of direction, inspiration and balance, developing character while centering your life around morality and integrity.


Take Them Everywhere: These mini cards arrive in a compact and convenient size, making them the perfect travel companion. Carry them in your purse, backpack, or wallet, and take them out whether at school, the office, while traveling, or whenever you need a touch of encouragement to stay on your path!


Premium Cardstock Paper: Unlike similar products on the market, these gratitude cards are made using superior quality, highly durable cardstock paper, with UV glossy paper stock, designed to withstand the test of time and energetic handling.


Our Store: The Fyfy Store is committed to providing a premium shopping experience that’s always centered around the satisfaction of our customers. Our collection of motivational & inspirational items will make a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones. Should you not be 100% pleased with your purchase, do not hesitate to contact us!

FYFY 12 Principles Premium Handout Cards

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