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Our mission here at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. is to set, achieve and celebrate strategic initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations for the distribution of our Free Yourself From Yourself 12 Principles to Inner Peace & Common Unity for happier, healthier, and safer communities in which to live, work and play.



TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc.'s vision is to create a unified effort through partnerships, alliances, and sponsorships to produce a healthier, safer society by promoting 12 principles that influence productive behavioral habits for individuals, in relationships, families, communities, and our nation.

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TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. is a North Carolina-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 status initiative that seeks to transform lives mainly through three (3) solid sectors; Speaking Engagements, Life Coaching and Distribution of 12 Principles to Inner Peace educational materials. We strongly believe that anyone can become whole again. The Free Yourself From Yourself program and materials will help concerned individuals/parties set goals for peak achievement and freedom from contaminated mindsets as we walk with them through every step of the mindset rehab process and freedom from active addictions.

TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. was created to combat, a proactive approach, to the alarming rate of individuals becoming addicted with the opioid epidemic, mass shootings and suicide rates. We have observed many people in North Carolina and the US who would benefit from sessions, even casual contact with someone with a lived experience who can guide them out of their emotional distress via a systematic approach, honest inspiration, and life-changing principles. An ideal client would be an individual open to self-discovery and increased awareness of the world and their interactions within their environments. The journey to self-discovery takes patience and courage. Therefore, we come as an organization to offer our quality education, experience and motivation to all and sundry.


The Free Yourself From Yourself (FyFy) initiative is a proven success initiative undertaken by TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. under the leadership of Timothy Stewart to aid at-risk youths, students, and affected individuals in their journey of becoming better versions of themselves. The Free Yourself From Yourself book, program, and products are designed to be a guide for those seeking a new way to live. FyFy for short, is a well-established brand that focuses on providing unique and affordable decorative and motivational items that are meant to help create and promote healthy habits, empowering us to lead a well-balanced lifestyle that’s founded on integrity, and morality for self-government and personal growth. Our products target men and women who have made a decision to live their lives founded on fundamental laws that guide their decision-making processes, without compromising their comfort or well-being.

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These core values are the pillars to support our mission statement. They create a solid foundation, which helps our individual and collective actions.


  • Boldness - We are bold to handle circumstances and challenges. We handle each of our services with much confidence; an act that makes us deliver nothing short of the best in the business.

  • Resolute - Here at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc., we always keep the passion for our work burning. We are dogged to ensure a win-win situation for us and our clients.

  • Thoughtful - We always strive to perform the right thing. We are proactive and put others' needs first.

  • Adaptability - We are flexible and do adapt to every situation presented to us. As much as we create the right atmosphere to work, we also flow with the tides.

  • Making a Difference - We are bent on ensuring the betterment of our clients. Our impact is always felt and we intend to make a difference in the life of each client.

  • Synergy - We work closely with our clients and ensure their cooperation in each of our sessions, as this is a requirement for positive results.

  • Growth - We are onward bound at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. We are committed to growing in all regards and positioning ourselves to be the leader in our line of operation.

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fyfy visual aids
for schools &  communities

Prevention is an ongoing methodology that holds individuals accountable for their actions, behaviors and daily decisions. 


Keeping a daily visual reminder posted throughout campus to remind students of the principles of prevention. 


Allowing staff the opportunity to have a visual representation for coaching students in real-time.

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