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Partnering With Community Leaders & Local Governments


Let’s talk about how integrating our

12 Principles to Inner Peace along with current plans can serve as a solid foundation for community progress and success. 

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Attention Local Governments & Community Leaders

It's Time For A Mindset Makeover

Solving today’s problems of anxiety, depression, addiction, and substance dependence will take more than throwing money at the issue. It’s going to take a total mindset shift in order to help people become the best versions of themselves. Our 12 Principles to Inner Peace were designed to deliver a complete mindset makeover. Starting with 12 principles empowers individuals to look at their own identity, in order to change the habits standing in their way to personal and professional growth.


Developing New Models

Seamless Integration

Integrating the FyFy 12 Principles to Inner Peace into your community, or local government stands as one of the most efficient ways to deliver a mindset makeover in your community. It’s going to take more than endless meetings and budget adjustments to tackle the problems facing communities and our society as a whole in today’s economy.


The opioid epidemic and teenage suicide rates in America have skyrocketed. It’s no coincidence that substance abuse disorders and mental health problems are rising at rapid rates. Helping individuals cultivate inner peace starts by building a firm foundation of morality, identity discovery, motivation, and life skills education. Our mission is a proactive approach and commitment to thinking about integrating new models of behavioral adjustment into your local community or government. That’s what we're here to help with.


Speaker. Coach. Mentor.

How Can We Collaborate?

People need to see that there is a way out. Individuals need to have hope that there is a system designed to help them overcome the challenges too big for their own understanding. As a speaker, coach, and mentor, I understand how and why hopelessness can lead to the destruction of our future generations. By themself, the 12 principles are no more than concepts on a piece of paper. However, together in collaboration with your community goals and ideologies, we can take a stand to push back against degradation, dereliction and self-destruction.


One thing that’s important for every human to understand is how to identify, realize, and achieve their goals, dreams, hopes, and desires. Not everyone has the ability to deliver effective goal-setting assistance that helps with self-discovery, addiction and recovery. You see, it’s more than a physiological dependence. It’s a malady of the spirit and a sickness of the mind that needs to be addressed. This is where our 12 Principles to Inner Peace, in combination with your community goals can really make a huge impact.

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12 Principles to Inner Peace

You Already Know Them. But Do You Teach Them?

The 12 Principles to Inner Peace are not a secret. They are not a hidden bit of knowledge only available to a select few. In fact, you might have already heard of many of the ideas that exist within our 12 Principles to Inner Peace. What makes our 12 principals so effective is how they are delivered and how they are presented. By combining the 12 Principles to Inner Peace with an overall plan for the development of your community, or institution we can really tease out some incredible positive results.


The keys to success in helping individuals and equipping their lives with the tools they need starts with a group effort based on common ground. It’s going to take a village, and the whole community to be working on the same page in order to bring a desirable level of change needed. Just a small tweak in an individual's personal, professional, and spiritual growth kickstarted by our FyFy12 Principles to Inner Peace, and reinforced on a community level is exactly how we’re shaking up the world.


For Community Leaders and Governments

Distribute The Message Throughout Your Community

Through three very personal and intimate verticals, our 12 principles are poised to penetrate your region or local community in a very positive way. By combining the FyFy 12 Principles to Inner Peace with breakthrough coaching, powerful speaking, and personalized goal-setting techniques for self-discovery, substance abuse and recovery, we’re fighting back against the opioid scourge plaguing our lives and communities.


Let’s talk about peak achievement for your community and local government. We want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying the root causes of self-destruction, degradation, and dereliction. As mentioned above, it usually goes back to that feeling of hopelessness and a loss of faith in the lives of people in our communities and a loss connection with spirituality. So, as most every community leader, we’re all looking to bring an effective transformation into your community and local government, it starts with a total mindset makeover. By addressing the issues that affect individuals at their core, we can help transform our society one person at a time.


Unified Partnerships. Alliances. Sponsorships.

Building the Future

Let’s talk about building a partnership that helps implement the 12 Principles to Inner Peace into more than just city billboards and pamphlet materials. In the past, I’ve helped develop programs for local city councils, regional governments, and community leaders that integrate our 12 Principles to Inner Peace with their overall plans for the future. 

By taking that unified partnership approach, we are developing alliances and sponsorships aimed at a total alignment and focused mindset of change. We all know the old phrase that knowledge is power. But when that knowledge is combined with a practical plan of action, and strategies aimed to address society as a whole, we can really transition into something special. 


Are you ready for action?

Let’s Talk About What Keeps You Up At Night?


What are the issues impacting your community specifically? Let’s get down to the bottom of how you’re personally impacted by some of the challenges of today’s society. Every region, community, and government is different. In my experience. I’ve seen some areas more impacted by the opioid epidemic than others. What’s going to be most productive is sitting down together to discuss the issues that are impacting you and your community specifically.


By taking a solution-based approach, we can begin to cultivate the perfect plan on how to integrate the 12 Principles to Inner Peace within your specific community and it all starts with you. You are how change begins!

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These core values are the pillars to support our mission statement. They create a solid foundation, which helps our individual and collective actions.


  • Boldness - We are bold to handle circumstances and challenges. We handle each of our services with much confidence; an act that makes us deliver nothing short of the best in the business.

  • Resolute - Here at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc., we always keep the passion for our work burning. We are dogged to ensure a win-win situation for our organization, the communities, and clients we serve.

  • Thoughtful - We always strive to perform the right thing. We are proactive and put others' needs first.

  • Adaptability - We are flexible and do adapt to every situation presented to us. As much as we create the right atmosphere to work, we also flow with the tides.

  • Making a Difference - We are bent on ensuring the betterment of our clients. Our impact is always felt and we intend to make a difference in the life of each client.

  • Synergy - We work closely with our clients and ensure their cooperation in each of our sessions, as this is a requirement for positive results.

  • Growth - We are onward bound at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc. We are committed to growing in all regards and positioning ourselves to be the leader in our line of operation.

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