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Free Yourself From Yourself is a personal story and proven success program for addiction recovery, firmly grounded in the knowledge, understanding, and application of spiritual principles.


At the age of forty, Timothy Stewart found himself homeless and hopeless. He had two pairs of pants, two shirts, and about eight dollars to his name. He'd once been a successful businessman, but addiction had left him bankrupt—spiritually, emotionally, and financially. During his twelfth rehab program, Tim had a breakthrough that helped him overcome his addiction and reclaim his life. Now, he's committed to helping you reclaim yours.

Today, Tim is one of America's brightest recovery coaches. In Free Yourself From Yourself, he reveals his proven addiction recovery program, grounded in the knowledge, understanding, and application of twelve spiritual principles. With encouragement and candor, Tim shares his personal story and provides constructive exercises, which will help you create a more productive and healthier lifestyle. Every step of the way, you’ll feel like you’re being coached by a friend, someone who has been in the trenches and knows your struggles.

You have the power to overcome addiction. It's time to start weeding out the destructive thoughts, habits, and behaviors that got you where you are, and start sowing the seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Live the life you were meant to live by committing to your recovery today.

Free Yourself From Yourself Book

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